18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon’s (Gong Yoo) spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae. Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Gil Da-Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon. More problems ensue when 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman (Bae Suzy).

Top stars Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung were cast in the romantic comedy Big, which was written by Hong Jeong Eun and Hong Mi Ran. miss A’s Suzy was also cast in the series and has been receiving a lot of attention.

Suzy will play the role of a stalker named Jang Ma Ri, who flew to Korea from the United States to keep track of her boyfriend. She tries to turn into an 18 year old boy, who goes inside of a successful 30 year old medical specialist, and back. Suzy’s bubbly character made people curious.

Gong Yoo will play the role of the medical specialist Seo Yoon Jae. Lee Min Jung will play the role of a teacher named Gil Da Ran, who promised to marry Seo. Lee will be surprised at her fiance, who is changed into an 18 year old boy.

Suzy says, “When I heard that I was cast in the series, I was so excited that I couldn’t even sleep. Even though I’m not enough to appear on the series yet, I’ll try harder to make the series good with other veteran actors. Please pay attention to the series.”

The series will air in early June when the currently series Love Rain goes off air.

cr: korea.com

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You’re Beautiful” to be transformed into a musical in 2012 

In 2012, top-selling Hallyu drama ‘You’re Beautiful'(2009) will be reborn as a musical.

Today, musical production company Seensee has announced its plans to introduce ‘You’re Beautiful’ into the Broadway scene with musical lineup performances.

The musical is scheduled to open 31 July to 11 September 2012 in Seoul Sejong Center Theater. Everything is now under preparations. The new drama musical will be based on the original story of ‘You’re Beautiful’

'You're Beautiful' is a hit drama series starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Hongki, Jung yonghwa and Jang Keun Suk. The drama has gained worldwide popularity and is ranked the #1 Korean drama of all time in various international polls. Japanese entertainment company FujiTV also remaked the drama last year.

Source: TV Daily

CR: parkshinhye.org